Rabu, 22 April 2009

dont condemn dont critic dont complaint

For several years a shop named SANDLOT doing what they thought they know best.They performed well.Their annual revenue was 17 million.then came a man named Abi who said they shop was using Toyol.This Abi claimed that he could perform much better without Toyol.MUCH BETTER....he claimed he N gang could have brought in 200million instead.

Shareholders of the shop then made a decision and kicked the Toyol out.the rest is history.Now t Abi n gang say they are doing the job well.Very well after 6months under new management they have collected 1.745 million....they only need another 198.255million to reach their target.

are the shareholders aware that there are 6 months left in their calendar?are Abi n gang better?...gang upin n ipin kot...

u do the maths.....

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